Best Forex Brokers

Trading forex currencies is a fun, exciting and potentially profitable way to invest money online. Forex trading platforms are an easy way to invest in Forex markets or commodities without dealing with a traditional broker. As forex currency trading grows in popularity, more and more binary options sites and forex platforms begin to pop up online and it can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. Everyone has their favorite forex trading platform, but this isn’t a popularity contest. Instead, we hope to identify the qualities that help define what makes the best forex brokers in 2015. Some sites do certain things better than others and finding the right one for you can depend on many factors including your experience level. Below we’ve set to identify what makes the best forex currency brokers in 2015.

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Forex Currency Broker Trading Platforms

A high quality trading platform is what should be looked at first and foremost when choosing a forex trading broker. The interface of the platform is what you will use to conduct all of your trades and a clean, simple, bug-free design is key. Most of the sites we will recommend to you use the excellent MetaTrader4 platform which is considered to be among the very best on the market today. Many forex brokers are now offering web-based software that runs right on your browser and doesn’t require you to download any software. These have their advantages (easily accessible from anywhere in the world) and disadvantages (web browser freezing due to another tab or window), but a good web-based forex trading platform can make all the difference. Websites like eToro offer a Web based trader that works well in all browsers. eToro is also an industry leader with OpenBook that works much like a social networking site for forex traders and allows you to see what other traders are investing in in real time.

Forex Broker Mobile

Access In 2015 it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone on a smartphone or tablet device and why should you be any different? Smartphones and tablets have become an important part of our lives and the ability to access our emails whenever or wherever we are has become a crucial part of our daily lives. Why should your forex currency trading platform be any different? Forex brokers like ForexYard, Sunbird and YouTradeFX all offer a mobile enhanced version or App version of their trading platform. While the tools offered on the tablet or smartphone aren’t as comprehensive as those online, you can still make and monitor your trades definitely from your device.

Forex Currencies and Assets Offered

Most of the major indices and currency pairs will be covered at nearly every trading platform, but it is in the stock and commodities assets where you can expect a major difference. There are many online forex trading platforms, but not all of them share the same assets. Different sites offer different assets. For instance, ForexYard offers Gold and Crude Oil for trading while others do not. If these are something that you are interested in trading you should look amongst our recommended sites and see which assets suit you best.

New Users, Features and Education

The very best forex brokers of 2015 will help to train their new users in any way that you think you need. If this is your first time trading forex markets and you think you would like to learn more about them, a site like SunbirdFX offers interactive webinars that you can take part in. Additionally, NetoTrade offers numerous trading videos for you to watch until you begin to feel more comfortable using the product. Many of the top forex currency trading platforms offer a demo version of their site. This platform works just like the real version of the forex broker, but the money is “virtual” and you are playing the real market with virtual money meaning there is no real risk involved. YouTradeFX also offers fourteen days risk free where you can trade real money, but they will refund any losses that you incur during that time. Whether you are new to forex currency trading trading or an old pro, you want to have the very best tools at your disposal to make the best decisions. Most sites offer things like pip calculators, market news and technical analysis; but there are a few who go above and beyond that. The best example is SunbirdFX who have a R&D team of analysts and mathematicians at your disposal to help you create an automated trading strategy that fits your ideals. Additionally, other sites like eToro offer the ability to “copy” the trades of more successful traders. In essence you are just doing exactly what someone with more experience and success than you is doing and taking the risks that go with that.

Forex Brokers Customer Service

Sometimes customer service is what can be the difference between a good forex broker and a great one. There is nothing worse than having a problem or a question and having to wait for an answer. Sites like YouTradeFX have operators on hand twenty four hours a day, five days a week that can be contacted via email, live chat or on the telephone and can answer any questions you may have in a multitude of languages.

Find the best forex currency broker in 2015

Finding the best broker for you is a personal experience that can only be figured out by you and your trading needs. If you are just getting started in forex currency trading, you might want to try eToro who only require an opening deposit of $50 or NetoTrade who offer some of the best trading tools in the industry. Industry veterans looking for higher leverage can go to YouTradeFX where they can offer 1:500. Or maybe you are more interested in trading commodities than currency pairs, in that case you can try ForexYard who offer Gold, Silver and Oil commodities. If you’re trying to wisely invest your money, try setting up an automated trading strategy at SunbirdFX. There are a lot of excellent options for trading forex currencies in 2015 that we have listed here, but finding the right one for you is your decision.

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