Find the Best Binary Options Brokers in 2015

Binary options trading is relatively new and can be an easy investment platform as long as you take time to learn the finer aspects of this type of trading. It allows you to earn high returns in a short span which could be a few hours, a day or a week. Click here for a great article describing what binary options are.

One of your most important tasks is to choose the right broker. For the most part, not many brokers offer the same services. This makes it hard to choose from among numerous brokers in the market.

A wide choice of market assets

The key is to find a broker that can maximize your investment potential. Binary options trading allows you to earn high returns in a short time which could be a few hours, a day, or a week. It would be prudent to look for a broker that offers a range of asset choices. Forex, stocks, commodities, and indices are the most common forms of binary options trading, and ought to be among the market assets offered by a broker. This gives you the potential to earn maximum profits.

binary options broker

Minimum investment requirements

If you are a small investor, binary options offers you an excellent opportunity to begin your foray into trading with a small investment. Brokers vary in the amount of minimum initial deposit they accept, which is why you ought to look for a broker that accepts as little as $100 as a minimum deposit. Brokers like and accept minimum investments of $100, demands a minimum deposit of $200 and as much as $500.

Contract expiry periods

Binary options contracts have different expiry periods. It is always wise to choose a broker that offers a variety of expiry trading agreements so that you can maximize your trading and earning potential.

High percentage payouts and refunds

The binary options market invites stiff competition from brokers who vie for your business and offer payouts between 65% to 90% and more for a successful trade. Brokers like offer 70% to 85% while you can expect 71% to 86% if you choose to trade with To soften the blow in case you are unsuccessful in a trade or ‘out of the money’, some brokers offer a refund of a minimum of 3% to 15%.

 A user-friendly trading platform

There are a number of binary options trading platforms. Make sure to choose a broker with a reliable and user-friendly trading platform that manages its exposures correctly. Since trading is conducted online it is essential that the broker has fast and reliable servers so that there are no delays in placing your deal. Some of the common binary option platforms include SpotOption, AnyOption, and 24Option. These brokers also offer mobile trading platforms so you can manage your account while on the move from your mobile device.

The characteristics of a reliable binary options broker

A broker ought to offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to payment options. Deal with a broker that offers a variety of payment options that you are comfortable with. This includes credit and debit card, wire transfers, Paypal, and more.  Depending on the initial deposit amount and total turnover, many brokers offer bonuses of up to 25% and more. No matter what, a reputed broker will offer a number of value added services which includes round the clock customer support through live chat, email, and telephone. Without doubt, invest with a broker that has a track record of quick payouts and offers a great deal of advice and tips so that you learn to become a successful binary options investor.

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