Is Grand Parker Casino a Scam?

Grand Parker Casino is a newer online gambling site which accepts US real money gamblers, so it’s natural for American players to see this new website and wonder if it’s a scam. Since players have different ideas about what they consider a scam, I want to define my terms before I get too far into this discussion. I consider a legit online casino to be one which is regulated by a legitimate government authority, which offers fair games using a random number generator which is audited by an independent third party, and which pays off debts incurred to players who win.

Many players consider a casino a scam artist if it takes more than 10 days to pay back its customers. While I consider that bad business and inefficient, I don’t consider that theft, so it’s not in the same category as other complaints. I prefer to be paid within 24-48 hours, but many of the newer and smaller online casinos are still working through their verification system to assure player security. Also, because the United States government has prosecuted online money payment services before, I understand that the e-wallets, voucher companies, credit card companies, and banks still accepting gambling payments are going to want to verify no wrongdoing is taking place. So long as a website mentions in its FAQ or customer service page they might take 10 days for cashouts, I consider this to be a good-faith business.

Grand Parker Casino Licensing

Grand Parker Casino is owned by the Milore Entertainment group, an online casino operator with four properties which operates out of the Netherlands Antilles. The software provider is RealTime Gaming. While RTG powers a few sites I wouldn’t deposit my money into, most of their clients are legit. I’d check Casino City for the sites they suggest you avoid. These will have a skull-and-crossbones next to their listing, as if they’re poison. Just check under the RealTime Gaming page to know for certain.

Grand Parker Casino Bonus

The no-deposit bonus at GrandParker Casino has been a source of controversy on some websites. Three different coupon codes have been posted as giving players a freeplay bonus. These coupon codes are 25CASHBACKUP, 25CASH, and 25newplayer. The promo code 25CASHBACKUP is universally suggested as working and legitimate. The codes 25CASH and 25newplayer tend to be the ones which players complain about. I’m betting these were listed somewhere and repeated, but they’re simply wrong. Use the code 25CASHBACKUP and you should be okay.

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The Grand Parker Casino Lobby

The slots bonus is $8000 and the table games bonus is $5000, though both of these require a deposit for them to be triggered. I suggest new players use the free instant bankroll method first, because if they decide Grand Parker Casino is a scam, they can stop playing and find another casino to play without losing any real money.

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