Cleveland Cavaliers are Bookies Favorites to Win the Title

We are entering the final stages of the NBA regular season and it’s good time to check which teams are the favorites to go all the way, at least according to major sports betting sites.

It might be a bit surprising, especially due to the recent losses to Atlanta, Houston and Indiana, but Cleveland Cavaliers are the current favorites with 9/4 odds to win the title. There are few possible explanations for that. First, Cavs are without a doubt the most improving team of the second half of the season. Second, the have the best player in the world. 3rd, LeBron name draws a large amount of bets and therefore the bookmakers lower the odds as time goes by.

The best 2 teams of the season, Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks are rated second and 4th with 15/4 and 8/1 odds. Oklahoma City Thunder take the surprising 3rd with 7/1. The actually ranked higher than Memphis Grizzlies, the team they might meet in the first round. We all know that Kevin Durant should be back for the playoffs however it takes time to get back to form, time the OKC don’t have. Maybe the guys at Bovada know something that we don’t…

Here is the rest of the list:

Memphis Grizzlies 9/1

San Antonio Spurs 9/1

Chicago Bulls 12/1

Los Angeles Clippers 18/1

Houston Rockets 25/1

Portland Trailblazers 25/1

Dallas Mavericks 33/1

Toronto Raptors 16/1

Indiana Pacers 66/1

Washington Wizards 75/1

Miami Heat 150/1

Milwaukee Bucks 200/1

New Orleans Pelicans 200/1

Detroit Pistons 300/1

Phoenix Suns 300/1

Brooklyn Nets 500/1

Charlotte Hornets 500/1

Boston Celtics 500/1

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