Top Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting has long been one of the most fascinating cultural phenomena.

The very own activity of predicting a result to an event hasn’t always been strictly related to sports, but this branch of betting has through history gained the most popularity it still enjoys today – more than ever it appears.

Interestingly enough, the very first records of sports betting date back to more than 2,000 years ago with ancient Greeks believed to extremely fond of betting on various athletic competitions.

Following the trends of evolution, sports betting has followed the changes and innovations to develop itself into one of the favourite pastime for sports fans and enthusiasts around the globe. More than a pastime, however, it’s also a way of life and main mean of income for many.

Top Sports Betting Sites 2017

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Online Sports Betting

Technological development and the unstoppable expansion of the online world have done wonders for sports betting and online gambling in general, which is now more available than ever. The traditional sports betting companies have caught the wave of change and by entering the online world reshaped sports betting into what we know it for today.

Sports fans and punters around the globe now have many betting possibilities and options like never before but such a betting plethora is not necessarily a good thing.

The internet is filled with hidden paths and dark streets and sports betting enthusiasts. Those who are new to online betting, need to be extremely cautious. The abundance of choice can be quite confusing which is why it’s important to handpick only the most respectable names in the sports betting industry to trust your money with.

With new betting operators emerging almost on daily basis it is important to stick with what you know and to constantly follow a certain set of rules that will help you determine which betting operator to choose.

What Makes a Good Bookmaker?

A good sports betting site is not that hard to find when you know what to look for. We all have different tastes and will prefer one operator to another, but most of the big names in the industry have plenty of things in common and tick a universal set of boxes that fit within different preferences.

The first thing that will hit you is the visual appearance of the site and the respective mobile app, but that’s the last thing you should base your opinion on. Before you go with a site that looks good, try to do a bit of a research and check for that operator’s reputation and history.

There’s quite a lot of things you can find online so while you’re at it make sure to check out the licencing and regulation for an operator you handpicked. Betting is still considered an illegal activity in many parts of the world so you need to make sure your selected operator has all the legal requirements and that is’ been approved and licenced by a gambling authority.

Only then are you advised to look at a website in more detail and compare the range of sports and events on offer, the variety of betting options and the competitiveness of betting odds. Not all betting sites will offer same value for your money so shopping around to compare the offers is a good thing to do before you open an account. You can check for more details and in-depth reviews of various online bookmakers.

Taking Care of Your Money

Ultimately it all boils down to what will a sports betting site do to protect your money.

First and foremost, it’s important to handpick a trusted and a reputable name in the industry which is the basic guarantee that you won’t have to worry about your funds. Alternately, in order to narrow down the search you are advised to have a look at the Deposit/Withdrawal methods as they are often great indicators of a betting site’s reputation and reliability.

If a betting operator of your choice boasts options such as Debit/Credit Visa and Master cards, Bank Transfers or some of the highly recommended electronic payment services such as PayPal or Neteller or Skrill than you’re good to go. The payment processing time is another aspect to have a closer look. Most of the top shelf betting operators however will process the deposits and withdrawals in a roughly same amount of time.

Betting operators themselves are well aware that online betting is a highly competitive arena and will do their best to attract and retain customers. This is where welcome bonuses come to play as a method used by bookmakers to persuade you that it is exactly them you need to bet at.

Welcome bonuses vary and can go from free bets to deposit matches which in best cases go to 100% with up to $200 with bet365 as arguably the biggest name in the industry.

Mobile Holds the Key

The online betting is evolving at a much higher rate than it’s been the case ever before in history.

What’s been decades and centuries are now weeks and days in sports betting which has – over the past couple of years – seen a fascinating change most visible in mobile betting. As people shift their attention from desktop devices to their handheld gadgets, sports betting has also seen a change in trend with mobile betting becoming the most popular form of betting.

In 2017 alone, mobile betting has accounted for two thirds of the total bets placed online. Punters are now able to place their bets on the go and be as directly involved as ever before. Mobile betting has had a huge effect on the rise in popularity of live betting, which is also taking over in terms of popularity.

Punters are now able to follow the action live straight from their mobile devices and place their bets In-Play, whereas the majority of the big-name operators will allow them to watch their teams and betting selections via the video stream for a complete betting feeling that’s been unimaginable until only a couple of years ago.

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